How to get rid of spider veins on legs

Spider veins (also known as thread veins) are extremely common affecting around 80% of adults. With so many reputable and not so reputable businesses claiming to offer you the solution to vein-free legs, it can be hard to know which treatment routes to take and which to avoid. This article explains how to get rid of spider veins on legs and how to avoid wasting money on ineffective treatments.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small blood vessels visible just below the top layer of skin. Although they most commonly occur on the legs. Far from being a purely cosmetic issue, they can cause discomfort and can be a symptom of deeper issues.

How do spider veins develop?

Spider veins occur when the one-way valves responsible for assisting blood to flow back up towards the heart weaken over time. This results in blood pooling, causing the vein to swell. Causes include pregnancy, standing for long periods, genetics, age and underlying conditions.

Do over-the-counter treatments work?

The cosmetics industry has come a long way in providing treatments that address a wide range of skin-deep issues. Indeed, many creams can improve skin texture. But unfortunately, despite their innocuous appearance, spider veins extend beyond the superficial. They can often be a sign of a deeper issue like varicose veins and can’t be eradicated using an over-the-counter treatment.

Treatments that do work

Successful removal of spider veins requires targeted professional treatment. Thankfully, there are a few procedures to choose from:


Considered the gold standard for treating thread veins, Microsclerotherapy is cost-effective and minimally invasive. A liquid is injected, causing the vein and its deeper extensions to die. For more information on this treatment, click here.

Laser therapy

Laser heat is used to destroy the surface vein. This treatment doesn’t reach deeper extensions of the vein. Side effects can include skin discolouration, scarring and sensitivity.

Electrolysis and radiofrequency techniques

This technique uses heat to destroy surface veins, but doesn’t penetrate the deeper extensions.

Information about the best treatment for spider veins in legs

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Here at Premier Veins, our commitment to best practice means that we only offer the very best treatments. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Microsclerotherapy is considered the first-line procedure for spider veins. Our treatment plan also includes a duplex ultrasound scan which helps us to detect any underlying varicose veins at the same time.

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